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question on c/l manufacturers

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Hi Mark

Ive written you before  about my difficulties with myoclonus.Last march I found changing brands of c/l helped alot.They went away for almost 5 months  after 3 years of difficuly tthen I had my CPAC break down.they came backAfter it was repaired they went away.Same thing happened after a trip to Denver change is altitude I think.Came home east and went away.Then they slowly came back.I also cut out my sr50/200 as the jerking started after I started using it 3 years ago.It does seem to worsen with the sr so Im trying just a 25/100 before bed I've also been taking 100 mg comtan along with 1.5 25/100 3x a day.Ive also added vitamin d for less sunlight

I wonderI heard manufacturers can subcontract the drugs out to smaller companies and wondered about quality

So far no success almost 5 months wonder what you might have to say about it.



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Good to hear from you again. There has not been much is the subcontracting anymore. What seems to be the big, and I mean big, issue is that so many companies that make c/l are buying up other companies that make c/l. Some companies that have never produced it in the past are buying up companies that make c/l. This is causing many issues of back ordering and out of stock issues of certain brand of generic. As you know, once you find a company that works you want to stay with that company.

So that is the main headache now. I think the out sourcing to smaller companies seems to be a thing of the past.

As always, I hope that helps and please keep me posted. Don't be a stranger.

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