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Linda Garren

Pentagon Awards $4.37M Grant to Probe Possible Link Between Air Pollution, Parkinson's 11/13/17

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Very interesting, Thanks for the post.

I worked on cars/farms since I could walk, and drove tractor trailer for many years. Wonder if being around that exhaust and pollutants played a roll. I am sure it didn't help.


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Well we know pollution is not good period.   Ok... so let's say the 4.37M is spent and they discovered yes it does cause damage (big shocker)  then what?    Smoking is bad for you too but oh well!



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I have always heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

The purpose of this DOD funding is for the evaluation of the capability of the Burn Pits used by DOD as a means of waste control in combat locations. And a direct result of the rather large number of veterans who have a concern of the adverse health outcomes of the exposures of the Burn Pits. 

Due to my own deployments in the Gulf War zone, I know everything including the kitchen sink is thrown in the Burn Pits.

This even includes things such as solvent soaked rags used in the repair duties of our highly mechanized military equipment. 

One of which is a solvent trichloroethylene, commonly known as TCE. This solvent is the same solvent that was associated with Camp Lejeune veterans with Parkinson's Disease. 

The National Academy of Sciences and the CDC, subcommittee ASTDR, concluded that the medical and scientific evidence of the capability of TCE is sufficient to warrant service connection for PD. 

The mysterious adverse health outcome of the Gulf War, commonly known as Gulf War Illness, is defined as a cluster of chronic signs and symptoms, with no known etiology. 

For those on this forum I know that you can see the undeniable similarity between this definition of GWI and PD.

Parkinson's Disease has been a highly anticipated future increased prevalence of PD among Gulf War veterans. This being the conclusion of the GW Research Advisory Committee, or RAC. 

The RAC has been steadfast in the suspicion of Parkinson's Disease ever since. 

Being that I have GW Service and YOPD, I have read every piece of research available regarding GWI and PD alike.

I have to say that after reading this research and the associated signs and symptoms of both, I find it extremely difficult to distinguish between the symptoms of GWI and PD.

In fact even the discussion of the capability of TCE to cause PD, in regards to Camp Lejeune, specifically determined that the neurological signs and symptoms, described by the Institute of Medicine, or IOM, as published in the Gulf War IOM vol 2, Chapter 7, can be PD. 

However in subsequent IOM reports the conclusion has been that until the Gulf War veterans are at least 60 years old, we will not be impacted by Parkinson's Disease.  Everyone on here knows differently.

The emerging research for GWI and PD, appears to me to be headed toward a crash course at a rapid pace. 

The GW IOM vol 2 APPENDIX D, is the DOD confirmed list of known toxins associated with Gulf War Service. This list includes TCE and all of the same toxins associated with Camp Lejeune as well.

The VA website specifically states that "MANY" US Military members are routinely exposed to these as well. TCE is a solvent cleaner/degreaser. 

This indicates that "MANY" veterans have been exposed and are an increased risk of developing PD. 

I have been able to establish contact with many other veterans who deployed to the GW, and have a confirmed diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, as well as even active duty military members, who are currently in the process of being discharged from the military for PD. The common denominator being TCE exposure.

This to me indicates that TCE is the Agent Orange of our time.

The military is not the only source of TCE exposure according to the ASTDR, who has the responsibility of determining the health outcomes of the 1900+ super fund sites, of which TCE has been identified at over 1100 of these sites. 

Although I and many others have made the connection between in service exposure to TCE and PD, the VA has routinely denied service connection disability for PD, except for the Camp Lejeune veterans.

This is a blatant systemic discrimination against those who have not been afforded the same "Honor and Care" as the Camp Lejeune veterans. 

The VA PD CONSORTIUM CENTER,  a speciality clinic within the VA health care system has determined a set of criteria for proving a toxin causes PD. Many of the toxins associated with Gulf War Service fits the criteria for proving toxic induced PD. 

I have submitted a proposal for new legislation regarding the VA and PD. To the dismay of Secretary Shulkin, if this legislation becomes law it will open many doors for service connection, as well as potentially increase the DOD/VA funding for PD research. 

I ask that if you feel like this is a worthwhile cause you would like to support, please call your legislative representatives and ask them to work with the staff of US Senator Kennedy, US Senator Cassidy and US Congressman Johnson.

Here is a link to the proposal with the links to much of the information I have discussed. 


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