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DaTscan results

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I'm a 48 year old female with dystonic, irregular tremor in my left hand and rigidity and reduced arm swing on gait.

I had a DaTscan recently and was wondering what this means exactly? "Striatal I-123 dopamine transporter uptake is preserved in the anterior and posterior putamen compared to the caudate nucleus."  I'm assuming the scan was negative since there was no dopaminergic deficit. 

I'd greatly appreciate your opinion. Thank you very much. 

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Hard to know without seeing and it should be read by you and your neurologist together.  It is a qualitative read looking for asymmetry in the putamen.

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DAT tells you that you have a problem with the dopamine transporter and that there is some sort of parkinsonism but does not diagnose PD.  A negative DAT scan can sometimes be misleading as there are now cases of negative scans in the big studies....converting to positive scans.  Follow the symptoms and your medical team and be alert.....don't hesitate if needed to wait a year or two and repeat the DAT or have someone look at the actual original DAT (it could have been misinterpreted).

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