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How to increase Energy PD patients

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Very good question.  I want to know too.  Exercise is probably the most obvious one but it just wipes my mom out and does not make her more awake overall.  I know it's the PD meds that is causing the problem.  Unless that's removed it seems to be a losing battle. 

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What is helping me:

1. My caregiver/wife starts me each day with a green smoothie (recipes in "Simple Green Smoothies" by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner). (All the roughage you need as part of a plant-based diet with animal protein consumed rarely and small quantities).

2. Physical therapy once per week (45 minutes balancing, opening, stationary cycling, agility ladder, special P/T program devised for torturing the PD out of me). When I started I was totally out of shape. Gradually returning to good condition and injury-free except the osteoarthritis in the knees that actually gets worse if I miss a day exercising.

3. Experimenting (this week with Zumba at local senior center, previous week with boxing). I may learn to jump rope - failed abysmally on first try. Same for banjo and guitar playing.

4. Gym workout (about 45 minutes - 1 hour) every non-therapy day (with a rare day off).

5. One-hour massage every other week.

I did not start this all at once, but to have a life that's worthwhile I've found this is what gets me there. I also get fatigued and sleepy so I rest for one hour after lunch. I do not skip doses (Sinemet 3 daily 4 hours apart). The exercise can cause me to be "off" earlier than normal (3 hours or less) but I hold out to the scheduled dose time unless I REALLY need relief).

That's about it. Not for everyone but then everything about this condition is individual except the endpoint.

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fire1fl - Great routine! 

From where I sit, Parkinson's-specific exercises make all the difference for my husband's symptoms and increasing his energy. We live just a few blocks from the Muhammad Ali Center in Phoenix so he goes to 5-7 classes there each week. I can't begin to say enough good things about PWR! Parkinson's Wellness Recovery in Tucson.  http://www.pwr4life.org/. Consultation with Dr. Becky Farley and the participating in the PWR! Retreat has been life-changing for us. The difference between just exercise and the PD-specific exercise have been night and day for him. Even a few days with out the specific-PD exercises, his symptoms get worse.

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