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Discount Savings Card can save you hundreds of dollars

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There is a prescription drug discount card called GoodRx. I first would like to state that I am, in now way, affiliated with this program nor do I benefit in any way from promoting this program.

The GoodRx program is just a discount program available to everyone and cannot be used in conjunction with any insurance program. 

If you copy and paste this: https://m.goodrx.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAm7LSBRBBEiwAvL1-L-oULYoUUorUy-5LMuclp6SYVcxMBzgIGtRw4v93NeozWhpG0h3vbRoCygIQAvD_BwE into your search engine (Google, Bing, etc...) It will pull up the GoodRx site. From here you can check the price of a medication at their discounted price along with a list of nearby pharmacies with their prices and you can even search what medications are used by disease state (Example: Parkinson's Disease). This is great if you take several medications for PD.

The most important aspext of this site is when you tap on the Menu button, in the upper left corner, then select to print your card. You will have to put in your name and address, then your card will be sent to you. At this point you can also View your card so you can print one off for immediate use.

Here is an example of how much you can save:

Walgreen's cash price for Generic Azilect  (Rasagiline) 1mg. for 30 tablets is $524.39. The discounted price with the GoodRx price is $244.48. That is a savings of $279.91. Better yet, that is not the lowest price I found. The best price I found was at Walmart which had a price of $230.56.

After you have printed your card, you can download the pricing app from the Apple Store for iPhone's or from the Play Store for Android Phones (Galaxy). Like I said, with this app you can look for a specific medication or you can look up medications by disease state.

Consider this a belated Christmas present.

I hope it will help you.

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