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Sarah Belle

ISO Book/Cookbook recommendations

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My father was diagnosed about 2 years ago.  He is a very stubborn hard headed 58 year old and doesn't like exercise. We have convinced him to take a boxing class with other folks with the disease and he seems to enjoy that. I have done a little reading on different foods that would help, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a cookbook - or any websites for great meal ideas. 

I'm also trying to educate myself on the disease as much as possible and really learn more about him and how I can help him in the process. Does anyone have any book recommendations? 

Thank you!

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I think the book I read that was great for PD education was called Brain Storms by Jon Palfreman.


No PD specific cookbooks I know of, but I have yet to make a bad meal following a recipe on www.honest-food.net .  The guy that runs the site also has a few cookbooks, but they're targeted at hunters and foragers.  Most of the website recipes are too, but you can just substitute beef for venison, or other farm raised/store bought meat for anything.  He usually gives a recommendation for non-hunters for substitutes.

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