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Parkinson's with dementia pill reminders

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My best friend's husband has Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia, along with a few other health conditions... I've known this couple for 15 years and have walked this walk with them watching as the progression of PD has truly begun... He's still very physically active, but the dementia is what's beginning to really cause concern... As you all know, the pill regiment is very strict and usually based on the patient themselves... Here's my concern: Because he doesn't take his first round of meds until he wakes up (what ever time that might be), it makes using a regular pill reminder very difficult because it could be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours off... (I.E. he gets up at 9 a.m. versus 7 a.m.)   I'm been trying to find something that will work with him and his day to day schedule but can't seem to find what they need... He does have a smartphone, but always forgets to carry it and hasn't actually carried it in months; so it will have to be a physical device of some form... 

Is there something you all can recommend for this?  Most of the devices I see online are designed for either a smartphone or someone not dealing with dementia, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?  

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I have recommended a few smart phone app's in the past, MediSafe Reminder and Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker, for those people who want that type of program. I do understand the frustration of it nor being able to be modified from day to day.

I created a program that has worked well for patients, care givers, and even physicians (who have recommended it to there patients).

If you look under my forum, Ask the Pharmacist,  you will find the heading "Medication Schedule." The main aspect of this is that you must have Microsoft Excel to run it.

With this program, you can do the following:

-Either print out the daily medication list and fill it in by hand OR fill it out on the computer and save it.

- You can put in the date, exact times, medications, strengths, frequency of use (once a day, twice a day, etc...), and also intake of food and times.

-There is also a portion of the sheet dedicated to actions of the day. You can input when naps were taken, any exercise, off times, and possibly side effects or adverse effects. 

- The main reason I made this was to save time in the office. The majority is time spent with the Dr. is telling them what happened since the last appointment. With this program, you can either email the daily sheets or fax the daily sheets to the Dr.'s office a few days in advance of the appointment. That way the Dr. can read them ahead of time so that time is not wasted on giving them an oral history of the goings on since the last appointment. Trying to remember everything is difficult,  so this program will help the Dr. possibly see trends in the medication schedule notes to help fine tune the medication regime.

This is also a program that can be done on a home computer or smart phone, as long as it has the Microsoft Excel.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted. 


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