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26 minutes ago, hiker said:

anyone know if Restore Gold  is at all beneficial? If so what is the active ingredient?

The primary active ingredient is TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) which is an over the counter supplement similar to and equally effective as UDCA (Ursodeoxycholic Acid). 

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What is UDCA and has it been studied? How do we know it works? What specifically does it help with?

I am so confused by all the drugs (prescription and over the counter) and am trying to learn...



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Ursodeoxycholic acid or (UDCA). Urso meaning bear bile is how the acid gets its name. It is found in bears stomach acids.  

There has been very little scientific studies into the use of the compound in the treatment of Parkinson's. You will find a small contingent of people on this Forum that swear by it. I my self have never tried it because it can be expensive to treat ones self with over the counter supplements. (I need my insurance to keep my cost down) I also have not tried it because I can find little to no evidence of its effectiveness on the symptoms of PD.

Hope this helps


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Hiker & Adam:

I have been using Ursodiol (UDCA) since October 16, 2013. Please check out my Ursodiol thread but forewarned that it is huge. 1164 replies to date. Yes, only a handful of others have posted their experience with it. Most are still users. There are many other users who have posted their experience at the Restore Gold website. The vast majority of people with PD who read these forums never post their experience. They choose to read and remain anonymous.

There are some PD studies for both UDCA (Urso & Ursodiol are prescription medications in the English speaking world) and TUDCA (a non-prescription readily available supplement). Most of these studies are listed within the Ursodiol thread. Currently, there is a human trial underway. If I remember correctly, its results are due in May. Suffice it to say that UDCA & TUDCA are old drugs/supplements that are well studied, FDA approved and safe to use for most people.

Yes, both UDCA and TUDCA are expensive. If you have a drug plan, UDCA is what you want. The hard part is to find a doctor who is willing to give you a prescription. I was lucky. As for pricing, if you're a vet like me, the VA pharmacy is your best bet.

Feel free to ask me any questions. However, I would appreciate your posting at the Ursodiol thread. Thank you.



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