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crushing of pills

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Can Trazadone be crushed and taken with applesauce? I am still struggling with the sleep issue. I know you had mentioned that I could take it an hr before bed, but I am concerned falling.

I have started falling and am afraid that if i take it an hr before bed and then wander around the house for an hr i may fall. I am also always off @ that time of night (another problem i am having trouble with)

would gastroparsis  have anything to do with meds not being absorbed correctly?? 

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Gastrorporesis is a condition where the stomach muscles prevent the stomach from emptying properly, which would have a great deal to do with how medications are absorbed. As far as the Trazadone, it can be crushed and put into applesauce. In the perfect situation, I would like for a patient to already be in bed and then take the Trazadone. That way falling would not be an issue.

I hope that helps Noah and please keep me posted.

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