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Twitching vs Tremor?

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So i've posted here before, but i've sorta came to the conclusion that maybe what I was diagnosed with (ET) maybe isn't accurate.

Over the past 8 or so years i've had a "twitching" finger. Basically my finger will twitch side to side (well thumbs too but my index finger on my right hand has been extra twitchy here the past week, probably due to some muscle/tendon problems from computer usage). It happens on both hands/sides. Sometimes my finger will just feel stiff (probably from computer use since im a Programmer)


Otherwise my symptoms I get are:

- Muscle Spasms everywhere (Ive had these since I can remember, a single muscle section will jump for a few seconds then stop)

- Muscle spasms increase after overuse/stress

- Eyelid spasms (all the time)

- And then the twitches that I mention


The neuro that saw me a year ago diagnosed with me ET. I have no family history of ET. My hands do shake slightly when holding something, which is what I think she based the diagnosis on. (I did the writing/spiral test to show my writing was sorta sloppy but I was SUPER nervous that day so my hands were wayyyy more shaky than normal). Finger-nose test was good, also I had 2 MRI's 6 and 7 years ago (Which ruled out MS, not to mention these symptoms are constant but basically no really progressing which also sorta rules out MS).


My question however is with a "Tremor" like with PD or Parkinsons...shouldn't it be rhytmic? When my fingers twitch/shake, it's jumpy and not really a consistent shake. It's very twitchy like with a different frequency and amplitude. I do not have a twitching/tremor or w/e at rest although occasionally at rest (especially when im particularly stressed or my fingers/hands have been overused a lot) i'll get like a single "jump" in my finger. But maybe thats more of just like the muscle spasms I get (Since fingers don't have muscles right? so the tendon/muscle is actually the thing spasming).

However I never get multiple twitches or tremors at rest it's always like a single jump or two. But 99% of the time it's when im holding my fingers in a certain position against gravity.


Im 32 years old, have no slowness/gait problems (I did have some slight dizziness 6 months ago but I think that was anxiety), fine arm swing/etc..... I have no other symptoms that seemed like PD symptoms (Neuro didn't see anything a year ago). I guess im just slightly anxious about it being PD from the rest "twitch" I get occasionally. but Like I said...it's a single surge or two, not a tremor at rest and 99% of the times it's positional.


I remember reading somewhere that the "sudden jerks are not typical of PD". Does this sound like PD at all? I know I was diagnosed with ET...but it feels maybe more like BFS (since i have the muscle spasms). I dont care if it's BFS or ET since they are benign. Im just slightly worried. The only thing remotely like PD I have right now is a slightly stiff index finger (but I type all the time and have been under a ton of stress here lately)


Sorry for the long message, thanks!

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Sudden jerks are not typical in early Parkinson, however tremors can come in several forms and you should discuss with your doctor and if you are unsure consider a DAT scan.

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I didn't think so. Im not even sure the "ET" diagnosed tremors I have would really even be considered tremors. The twitches I was experiencing here the past week has subsided a lot (my index finger is no longer twitching or feeling stiff while typing). So I guess I had a bout of carpal tunnel or something. I've been sick anyways this past week so maybe the stress/feeling bad just made my twitches worse.

Stress/feeling unwell seems to just make me spasm in general. Which i've heard happens in BFS. Regardless I think your correct that I should contact my neuro. Thing is I basically have zero PD symptoms besides the "tremor" which isn't at rest. I think just the rest twitches (which were like a single pulse or two) I had this past week had me concerned. 


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