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Parkinson’s diagnosis 2 years after pituitary surgery

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I had transphenoidal surgery to remove a prolactin and growth hormone secreting pituitary macroadenoma in 2005.  Hyponatremia one week post op and gamma knife in 2006. I am now hypothyroid and cortisone dependent.  I have an MRI every 2 Years  

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. There is no family history of Parkinson’s. I take Sinemet 5 times a day.  

Is it possible that the surgery in 2005 precipitated my development of Parkinson’s?

thank you  




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First, I am very sorry for the delay in response to your question.  The system underwent an upgrade and the software change captured some questions which we have now located. Please accept our sincerest apology.

It is unlikely that the surgery caused the Parkinson.  The more likely and common scenario is that the surgery unmasked the underlying Parkinson that was already present (stress from the surgery).

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