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Madopar dosage

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Hi Dr Okun

I have recently commenced on Madopar in addition to the 1mg Azilect I take.  So far it works wonders and doesn't make me sick like pramipexole.  

The doc started me on 50/12.5 which kicks in reasonably quickly, around 20-30 minutes, and works for about 2 - 2.5 hours ( a bit variable in between).  Given he prescribed this dose 3 times per day, there is still a considerable amount of time it doesn't work.  He upped it to 100/25 morning and afternoon, with 50/12.5 in the middle of the day, but it still only lasts the 2 hours.  The doc has been happy for me to experiment a bit as long as I do it for a few days at a time to be sure about the result.

It is no big deal because I assume I can just take 50/12.5 more often, but I'm wondering, if 100/25 only works for as long as 50/12.5, then where does the excess go?  Is it typical that a higher dosage wouldn't work for longer than a smaller dose?

It also makes me wonder if I could get away with even less at 2.5 hour intervals.  I am only trying to treat the stiffness which from all of my reading is more of a dystonia type thing rather than rigidity.

Thanks again for your time.  Much more rare than a young person with PD is someone as generous with their time such as yourself.

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This is super important.  Interval can be as important as dose.  If you are just starting Madopar you may want to try higher dosages and move to closer intervals.  I usually work out the dose first and then the interval next.  Good luck with your doc.

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