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Digestive track issues.

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I was diagnosed with PD about 10 years ago(I am 52y) I would like to share digestive issues you may be experiencing. My stomach doesn't empty overnight but right after I wake up in the middle of the night and urinate, stomach starts to empty.like faucet opens. And this triggers very uncomfortable stomach cramps. From this moment you can't go back to sleep. Cramps spread to my left arm and left leg.This may last until morning. Any have similar issues?

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Yes, once.  Bad night, because after the unique faucet opening symptom you described, the stomach cramps began and I figured I needed to go lie down.  However, as I walked back bed, I  passed out and fell.  Broke my nose, scratched up my forehead, face, chin, shoulders, arms, back of my hands and knees on the carpet.  Ambulance ride to the hospital.  Later surgery for the nose.  I don't recall the medical term for it, but you pretty much described what I experienced and the symptoms the emergency room doctor described were apart of that condition.  ER doctor said it to do with a drop in blood pressure if I remember right, though I never felt light-headed or faint.  When the paramedics arrived about six-minutes later, my BP was around 48/38, or some crazy low number, and my pulse was equally low.  As I recall, it was still that low even when I later arrived at the hospital.

MDS said in me, it was due to Parkinson's.

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