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DBS and Lithotripsy

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I have a Medtronic DBS implanted in September 2016, and have no problems with traveling or any medical tests or procedures so far. However, I am scheduled for Shockwave Lithotripsy  (focused high intensity ultrasound) this week to eliminate a kidney stone. This non-invasive surgical procedure is listed in the Medtronic manual as having "probable" EMI impact or damage to the implanted DBS neurotransmitter, but not necessarily to the patient. My urologist and I have both contacted Medtronic directly and the only guidance they have provided is to keep the focused ultrasound beam at least 6 inches away from my implanted neurotransmitter, which is just below my collarbone to the top left side of my sternum

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with a DBS who's had this type of procedure, any other precautions to help ensure successful result, and what if any impact to  the DBS? Thank you.


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