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Cogentin for tremors

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I asked this in the Pharmacist thread....My doctor prescribed a drug for me for tremors which were becoming noticeable.  All my other symptoms were manageable.  Any way the drug was not available so doc and pharmacist decided on Cogentin.  What I'm reading about it doesn't seem to cover tremors.  My tremors are better but not that much (but I feel wonderful overall.  My question is do you prescribe Cogentin for tremors, does it need to build in my system perhaps and also can I drink alcohol at all?  Warnings seem light and I'm off to Ireland in a few weeks.  Thank you

Anyway anyone have experience with Cogentin?

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Years ago I was rx'd Cogentin by the second Nuero. I was already taking a low dose of Carbo/Levo when he started me on Cogentin. We couldn't determine its effectiveness due to the other meds, so I discontinued taking a med w//o a known benefit. The second Neuro said if I had seen him first he would have started with Cogentin. His past patients had success using it early on. 

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