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timing of azilect

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 had read  somewhere on one of your posts that you shouldnt take azilect and sinemet together.  I have been taking them  at the same time for  10 yrs nobody told me not go.  I was                

taking it at 630 with all my other meds.  Since reading this I have been trying to take it at 730.  the problem is I have having trouble remembering to take it, does  it  really make that much of difference

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When taken together,  Azilect may increase certain side effects of Sinemet, such as dizziness/lightheadedness when standing up to quickly, dyskensia, and hallucinations. 

This may happen in about 5% of the people and can be resolved by separating the 2 medications by about 1 hour.

Well, off to surgery. 

I hope this helps and please keep me posted. 

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