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Weight loss

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Hey Doc, 

I have done a little research on the subject of weight loss and P.D. It appears to be unclear as to what mechanisms are responsible for lower BMI in Parkinson's disease. I have lost a considerable amount of weightsince diagnosis 29 years ago: down from about 193 to now 154. I understand that the loss of fat and malnutrition are to blame for the loss of weight in most typical patients. I am wondering how much protein synthesis has to do with the nature of this loss of weight. I work out a lot, and try to consume as much protein and fat as I can on a daily basis. However, my body is not, and has not recovered from exercise the way that it should. In fact, I seem to be losing muscle mass. Just curious to get your thoughts on the subject.

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To receive a response from Dr. Okun, you will need to post your question in the Ask the Doctor part of the forum.


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