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Introducing new meds to ones taken after DBS operation

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Dear Doctor,

During the first 3 years after undergoing DBS surgery and several fine tuning sessions of my neurostimulator I have  improved considerably - my slowness and stiffness have been reduced considerably.  Lately however I am finding it more difficult to talk clearly and balance and walking are becoming a problem.   My neurologist has increased the voltage on both electrodes by 0.1 V (as if she increases it further I get silly laughter bouts.)  So she told me to start gradually taking Ropinirole until dose becomes 3mg daily.  I am on  Sastravi 125mg/31.25mg/200mg (formerly stalevo) - 6 tablets a day.  What do you think?  Do the ropinirole have an adverse effect with the sastravi in that it is possible to produce un wanted movements in the body?  I would like to add that priorto DBS I used to take ropinirole but was advised to stop taking it after operation.  Thanks for continued support.

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Yes, adding dopaminergics and agonists can result in extra movement (dyskinesia)--however this doesn't mean taking more medicine as your doctor suggests is wrong (it is probably a good idea to think of dopamine or an agonist).  I tend to use more levodopa than agonist after DBS but it is not wrong to use agonist.  Also, the laughter issue can occur usually as a result of the location of the DBS lead. Be careful with continuing to increase voltage as that can result in side effects....

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