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Insulin growth factors

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My husband found an article  about how insulin growth factors might be a more likely cause for brain disorders than protein aggregates.  This article is very interesting but I don't understand all the science behind it.  It mostly deals with Alzheimers but it also mentions that Parkinson's patients benefited from the study.  


This seemed timely for me because last weekend (our daughter's wedding) was busy and stressful and I wasn't able to keep a regular diet. We weren't in a place where we had access to decent food, just refined carbs and lots of sugar. I didn't test myself but I could tell my blood sugar levels were all over the place.  I'm not diabetic but I probably should get it checked.  Sunday rolled around and I was having a lot of trouble moving and it lasted into Monday. From that experience, as well as my previous food diaries, I was able to connect the dots and realize that sugar had really taken its toll on me.

 I have always had a hard time avoiding breads and muffins and it makes me wonder how much insulin has really affected my brain.  Do you think this could be a possible cause of Parkinson's?

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One thing I always remind people is the difference between associated risk factors and actual disease.  Once you have Parkinson or Alzheimer's the cat is out if the bag and it is not clear these sorts of interventions will be helpful.  In other words many of these studies are focusing on risk and what may impact development of Parkinson.

Having said that, there is a lot of interest in the endocrine system and insulin system and neurodegenerative diseases....there may be opportunities and clues here that researchers can use to address risk and address treatment!

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