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When to start using a electronic mobility device?

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May I please have your input on whether or not I should be using a motorized scooter.

With my DBS and medications I was diagnosed as Stage 3 Parkinsons disease along with being on blood thinners, osteopenia, and rods and screws in my back.

I currently push myself to stressfully/dangerously to walk but I can't walk well nor long so I end up spending majority of time sadly living out of one room sitting in a chair so that I prevent getting so weak and tired that I fall.

I'm torn because I don't want to loose my walk by using a motorized scooter some of the day.

Is that a fact that I will loose my walk if I start using a motorized scooter just for some of the day to get around the house long distance or when I am tired?

 I'm not sure how I should be living with my disability at this stage of my parkinsons disease 

I just want to try doing the best thing for my quality of life and for my body .

thank you 

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Here are some of things you may consider.

1- a motorized chair does not mean you need to be in the chair at all times

2- make the decision to prevent falling and to enhance quality of life

3- are you socially isolated or at risk of depression and losing important aspects of your life.

I discuss these things with my patients and make a decision together.

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