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prescribed pramipexole

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Had second visit with new PD doctor, very impressive, changed meds to 25/100 instant release carb/levo at 7 am 11 am and 4 PM and 50/200 carb/levo at night. the change gave me a lot more energy. I have never had tremors. only physical and mental sluggishness when drug wears off.  Doc wants to add pramipexole to my medications. Has anyone had experience with it?  it is an agonist, which tries to trick the brain into thinking it has enough dopamine. I tried rompinerol, an agonist once before, but it gave me bad dreams and did not improve my condition at all.. I have heard of other side effects that are undesirable. Advice is welcome. thanks Fred.

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I take it without any problems. I heard terrible stories about it. Meds are personal decisions..keep a journal on how you’re feeling and when... 

good luck!


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Hi Fred,

In year two after dx I was on a similar dose of Sinemet along with pramipexole.  I experienced impulse control issues as well as insomnia.  I stopped the pramipexole and slowly shortened the intervals of Sinemet to eliminate wearing off.  This strategy has worked well for me.  As LAD said, everyone is different and there is probably not too much downside to trying it - just be aware of the potential side effects.


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