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Rytary experience

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Could you please provide a link to your description of your experience with Rytary?  I realize everyone is different, but after a couple of months of trying Rytary where it seemed to have a pretty beneficial effect at first, it's now woefully inadequate - sometimes not kicking in at all, wearing off very quickly, being extra sensitive to food intake, etc.   Don't know if I'm still just undermedicated and need to keep tweaking the dose, but I'm curious if others have had that experience.  Thanks.

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DMy experience was pretty straight forward. I was initially taking Sinemet Regular Release about every 4 hours and Controlled Release three times a day. When Rytary came out it showed a great deal of promise for everyone with PD. I tried it with the hope the hope of improving my quality of life.

My 3 month period started off with a dose that caused dyskensia, even though the conversion was calculated correctly. The next next dosage was low across the day. The first month ended on a mix note with daily dosages being too many or too few capsules which resulted in fluctuations in on and off periods.

The second month consisted of trying to specifically controlling long term symptoms. An attempt was made to add small doses throughout the day. Instead of two doses at once we tried one dose every few hours which was defeating the purpose of the change.

The third month consisted of a combination of Rytary and Sinemet CR. The Sinemet CR had to be added for long term control. It was more reasonable to add 2 Sinemet CR's than 4 or more capsules per day. Eventually the decision was made to return to go back of the Regular Sinemet and Sinemet CR therapy. In many people the Rytary has been a change for the positive. I had long term control issues which were better taken care of with controlled release Carbidopa/Levodopa therapy.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.

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