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Deep Brain Stimulator Battery Replacement and Blood Thinner Xarelto

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Dr. Foote / Dr. Okun :

I have been on Xarelto for 2 years. I'm soon due for a Deep Brain Stimulator Battery Replacement. I have heard from another Parkinsonian who is on Coumadin that they got Lovanox shots everyday they were off the coumadin before/during/after surgery until they could resume there normal dosage level of Coumadin after there recovery after surgery. I'm inquiring for more information regarding whether or not if there is something like the Lovanox shot for example exists for people that are on Xarelto to take before/during/after surgery so that I don't have to fully be off my blood thinner for such a long period of time which I have heard would increase my risk of having a Stroke/PE. Also are there any statistics out there on how much higher of a risk it is being on blood thinner while having this out patient DBS battery replacement surgery? I'm asking all the above because I am in search of finding a facility that can offer me this extra protection of getting a substitute blood thinner incorporated throughtout the process of the procedure but I don't know if it even exists or is an option for someone who is on Xarelto. I am apprehensive about this with the risks involvement and would feel so much safer if I could have that opportunity. Lastly have you heard if there is an antidote for bleeding from Xarelto?

Thank you very much

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It depends on the indication for anticoagulation. Recent stent, thrombosis, or mechanical valve, Lovenox bridge. Afib, remote clot... I just hold the Coumadin for 7 days prepping and 2 days post op.  -Kelly Foote MD

There is not an easy antidote when bleeding occurs.

Hope that helps.

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