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Rytary Shortage or bad pharmacy

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At the beginning of the year I switched pharmacy’s to a nearby grocery store pharmacy. It routinely takes them 3 days to fill my prescriptions for Rytary, amantadine, pramipexole and carb lev 25 100. This month they sent me a text saying they were partially filling my Rytary prescription and the rest would be available in 8 days. 

Is there a shortage of Rytary 48.75 or do I just need to find a new pharmacy. 

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I am not aware of any shortage of Rytary. By the sounds of the text message it appears that the pharmacy is ordering the medication through it's warehouse which usually takes about a week to arrive. I don't want to say it is a bad pharmacy, but I would make sure to talk to them and have them assure me that this issue will not happen again. Many pharmacies have an electronic ordering system which usually takes a month or two to catch up with the number of people on a certain medication. I usually recommend that after you have a conversation with the pharmacy that they are given one more chance to rectify the situation and gain my trust. If they fail to do this there are many other choices out available.

I hope this helps and please keep me posted.


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