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Endoscope procedure

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Dr.Okun I am writing because I remember in the past there seemed to be a preference for certain sedatives for PD patients.  I was offered demerol-versed or proprofol.  I chose proprofol(sp) until I found out it was a general anesthetic.  The last time I had demerol-versed, I couldn't stand and was off balance most the day from the morning procedure.  Now I'm wondering if the proprofol is OK.  I had it once before and woke up alert.  What is recommended for PD?  I only take sinemet and carbidopa to help with stomach issues.

Thank you very much!

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We try not to use any of these drugs but in circumstances when we do use them, a little propofol if properly monitored or versed seems to be a good option.  In our practice we do not use demerol.

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