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Is my Madopar working or not?

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I originally posted this in the Pharmacy forum by mistake - I am moving this post here and hope to get some replies.

I have been taking Madopar250 for about 8 months. Initial dosage 1/4 tab 3x/day later changed to 4x/day. About a month ago upped the over-night dosage to ½ tab. 2 weeks later changed nighttime back to ¼ and morning to ½ tab.

I do not know what to expect from the medication. I have read in this forum and elsewhere people saying the ‘effect’ kicks in in 30-60 minutes. And some say as little as 20 minutes. The effect being greatest at the 60 minute mark and then the duration lasting [but tapering off] in 3 to 5 hours.

My question: What is the effect? I sense nothing different happening in my body – no lessening of rigidity, no decrease in pain, Is my dose to small? Am I drug resistant? The Dr. tells me I am in Stage 1 but I feel it I’m more like Stage 2. I look forward to your reply

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You are likely being too ginger with the dose and you and your doc need to titrate the dose up slowly to the desired effect.  Your doc can follow your symptoms in the office using a Parkinson scale like the UPDRS.

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