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Considering DBS

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I am 57, F, diagonosed 8yrs ago. Just switched to Stalevo 150 5 times a day. Am going to take 1 late at night because of not being able to walk during the night well at all. Wake up hot & sweaty thinking the meds have worn off. Have freezing at times and wearing off. Sound like I should consider DBS if a candidate?


Thanks for your input.

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See a movement disorders neurologist for medication optimization and a full multidisciplinary workup.


You may need meds every 2 or 3 hours, and you may need to mix a dopamine agonist, sinemet, and comtan/tasmar.


Once optimized you then need an on/off UPDRS and a neuropsychological evaluation, a neurosurgical evaluation, and possibly other evaluations such as psychiatry and imaging.


A DBS multidisciplinary team should meet to discuss candidacy, and all aspects should be discussed. If medication optimization is very successful you may want to delay.


NPF has a free book for download at www.paarkinson.org on DBS. There is a website at mdc.mbi.ufl.edu that has information.


In the NPF book pay particular attention to the page on DBS rules which will help on reasonable expectations.


Finally, be aware that there are risks and that you will need multiple programming and follow-up visits especially during the first 6 months. If you are a candidate then great...but if not do not worry as there are other treatments and may be some other exciting ones coming. There is a great committment that a DBS patient makes in pre- and post-operative care (it is not like a gall bladder operation).


Good luck.

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