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Freezing and Falling-post DBS

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I had a DBS (Both sides) in early Feb. of this year. Prior to the DBS, I had a little freezing but major problem was tremors, which the DBS eliminatred. Now the freezing has gotten worse, and in the last 2 days I have had 2 serious falls, but no injuries. The freezing only happens in my home, and on occasion I can keep it under control by concentrating on my gait.

Prior to the DBS I was taking comptan and amantidine along with my requip, sinemet and selegiline. Since my DBS we've elinimated the comptan and amantidine.

Have you ever heard of freezing increasing after a DBS? Do you think that continued reprogramming may clear this up, or do you think that medication is the answer? Or something else we haven't thought of yet?

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You are still too early to tell what is going on. There are several possibilities:


1- You need more frequent doses of medication; sinemet usually

2- The DBS programming is not quite right

3- The DBS programming and medication balance has not been struck

4- The lead(s) are suboptimally placed

5- The gait has progressed since surgery and is no longer responsive to levodopa and therefore DBS will not help it

6- The trauma of insertion of two devices has worsened gait.

7- A combination.


We generally program once a month for 6 months and adjust medications as well as get a post-operative scan. I would keep these things in mind and consider you are still very early and hopefully your gait is still levodopa responsive and tuning meds/DBS will be the answer.

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I seemto have had a very simmilar reaction. How have things evolved? My team seems to think these ymtoms will settle in a couple of weeks.


Hope you re doing better.



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