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advanced Parkinson and resection of colon

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My husband has advanced Parkinson and has now been diagnosed with 2 large polpys (not removeable by colonscope). The doctor is wanting to either remove his entire colon or just a section of it. The polyps have high dysplasia ..they do not have lesions from them. The doctor has tol me that after surgery he will not have his parkinson medication for a couple of days. Since the polyps are not cancer does he medically need them removed or can he do nothing? Will he be able to maintain the quality of life that he has now? I would really like to have a second opinion with a physican that his familiar with Parkinson and resections.




Sheila (Jerry's Wife and caregiver)

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First, polyps with high dysplasia have a large propensity to turn into cancer.


My gut (no pun intended) would be to remove them but to preserve as much colon as possible.


Also, your neurologist can communicate with your GI doc to get the PD meds restarted post-operatively as it is a bad idea to be off of them for several days. The PD meds will be absorbed in the small intestine.

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