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23andME PD Genetic Research

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The National Parkinson Foundation and 23andMe are partnering on a genetics research initiative and you can participate!


All it takes is $25, a small saliva sample, and a willingness to participate in online surveys.


The partnership between NPF and 23andMe will allow up to 10,000 people with Parkinson's to receive a reduced membership rate to the Personal Genome Service. The goal is to use the genetic information of those with Parkinson’s to enhance our understanding of the disease and accelerate new discoveries and therapeutic breakthroughs.

What else can you learn from your genes? We encourage you to visit the 23andMe web site to learn more about their project.


The reduced rate of $25 (reg. price: $399) is only for people who have been diagnosed by a physician, but we encourage non-patients to spread the word to people with PD. This discount is due to the generous support of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.


If you are a person with Parkinson's disease and decide that you would like to participate in this innovative research project, fill out the online form to request a code to use to

access the $25 price.



Parkinson's and Genes

Just a few years ago, genes were thought to have little influence on Parkinson's disease.

But now a growing number of Parkinson's-causing mutations are being discovered. We think we can learn even more with the help of 10,000 people willing to share their experience


A New Kind of Research

You can help revolutionize the way Parkinson's research is conducted. Parkinson's is a complex disease with both genetic and environmental components. By participating in this

initiative, you'll be joining an unprecedented effort to understand how the two work and interact. You'll also see the progress of this research as it moves ahead.

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