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Yes, neon man, I'd definitely vote for giving you a nice large diamond!  You still have such a wonderfully positive attitude after 25 years!  I feel energized just reading about all the things you are doing.  Keep up the good work!


From the inside my attitude looks pretty ordinary, but thanks for the response!!!

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... the doctors we have been to have a "there's nothing you can do so come back (worse) in a year" approach. As I am a doctor too, I resent that attitude, so we will keep looking. ...we've been reading, researching and learning all we can to beat this thing, together.


Those sentences capture my attitude perfectly.

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Hi all,

Thanks for letting me post my story.

Starting in early 2016 or late 2015 I noticed a loss of energy and sluggishness in speech and movement.  I thought the condition was thyroid related because my senthroid had been reduced from 175 mg to 125 .I also thought I may have had a mini stroke but no other stroke symptoms.  I had numerous doctors visits and blood test to no avail.A sister in law, whose father was a surgeon, told my wife she thought I might have Parkinsons disease. i shrugged off the idea since I have never had tremors. Internist and psychiatrist recommended I go on prozac, which did nothing for my energy levels. Went to a Neuro in Oct 2017 and he prescribed c/l immediately which helped a lot  and later switched to c/l extended release. After many discussions with my pharmacist.  Switching to a MDS this march 26 2018 because my current neuro is not  a MDS.  Tried requip as a supplement to c/l but it gave me bad dreams. Looking forward to new neuro and hope for better treatment. Went to first cycling class at the YMCA last wednesday due to tip form a fellow forum member which was helpful.


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