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Dr. Okun

Autralian DBS Trial

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I am emailing from Sydney Australia. In late October 06 my mother, who

has had PD for over fifteen years (young on set at 41) underwent trial

surgery on her brain - essentially she had a "pace maker" placed under her

skin and now has four wires running into her brain that are controlled by

the "pace maker". We have had a truly awful time since the operation, she

has been back in hospital four times (my parents live in remote Australia

so it means jumping on planes etc). Her paranoia is much worse, her

depression is much worse and she is now habing panic attacks consistently,

sometimes up to 20 a day. Realising you may not be in a position to

comment on an Australian trial, I was just wondering if one day things may

slowly get better for us? My father is her primary carer and I am worried

he is about to have a heart attack - he won't talk to anyone and in short,

I feel my family is falling to pieces and there's not a thing I can do to

help. Any advice would be much appreciated, even if it is just to tell me

to give it time.


Kind Regards


Ally - Sydney, Australia

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Hi Ally,


Perhaps if you can post some details of the trial we can comment. There are many surgical trials going on world-wide. Also her specific symptoms that are troublesome as well as her med list could be helpful.

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